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The Israel Conference in LA

I attended the Israel Conference in LA this past Thursday (it continued into Friday but I had other commitments), and wrote up this reflection for publication. I’ll be doing reviews of several of the startups that exhibited there in the … Continue reading

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I love it when a plan comes together

I just successfully upgraded my WordPress installation, which powers this blog, to the latest version (3.0, called Thelonius – see the complete list of major WP releases, all named for jazz musicians). I did this with nary a bump, very … Continue reading

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Twelve minutes of excellence

Seth Godin is a guy whose work I’ve been meaning to read/browse/digest for a while. This was an easily consumable chunk I thought I could handle in the middle of the day, and I wasn’t disappointed. If you are at … Continue reading

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Our civilization is doomed, reason #7080-175903

I just got off the phone with a teller at my banking institution. I had to call in to transfer some money from our joint savings account into our joint checking account, and to my lovely wife’s checking account. I … Continue reading

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I’m smitten

With Twitter, and with Wil Wheaton. I got a Twitter account a few weeks ago, and started following some friends and strangers and sending my own updates when I remember (not often enough). After I met Wil at a reading … Continue reading

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The law of averages

It’s just a fact. When you make something like 800 over 1,000 movies a year, they’re not all going to be classics. And when you make music videos from the songs in some of those movies, some of them are … Continue reading

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Can you tell it’s a slow work day?

Best news about Ann Coulter so far today (hey, the day is young, she could still get run over by a truck, which would eclipse this story): direct lift from the Subversive Cross Stitch blog: Seems that some truly subversive … Continue reading

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Two broken things in one day

I don’t remember if I became a fan of Mark Hurst because of his Good Experience Games or This is Broken or some other aspect of his good user experience work, but I am a big fan, as I’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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Playing around online

My buddy Avraham has provided a lot of great intellectual (kosher) meat for me to chew on ever since we met in grad school way back around the turn of the 21st century (can you believe it’s been that long, … Continue reading

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Linking, reading, commenting, calendaring, working, relaxing

I have to go back to my webcomics post from the other day to add links. I have to let my family and friends know I’m updating the blog regularly and I’d appreciate it if I got some readers and … Continue reading

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