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Israel activity on and off campus

This is an eventful time in Israel-related activity in San Diego and beyond, and I wanted to get some of my thoughts and resources in one place for my own and others’ edification. In no particular order, most people know … Continue reading

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Debates? Who needs debates?

Too many words. You know what they say about pictures…

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Palin for President. No, really.

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Someone please tell me again why anyone would vote for this guy or anyone in his party?

Also, how much do you think the Obama people would have to spend to buy this from The Daily Show and use it as the basis for their ad campaign from now until November? and

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Our civilization is doomed, reason #7080-175903

I just got off the phone with a teller at my banking institution. I had to call in to transfer some money from our joint savings account into our joint checking account, and to my lovely wife’s checking account. I … Continue reading

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Brain dump, Tuesday night

I have to blog a thousand things, but I’ll just keep this to the top that I’m able to think of, in no particular order, before my fingers get tired: The evil bastards who control the food packaging disaster that … Continue reading

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What do we want? CHANGE! When do we want it? NOW!

Who’s gonna make it happen? EVERYBODY! … well, at least I know that when I go to Washington I’ll be able to get some change.

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Elective inspiration

Yeah, it’s specific to one candidate, but the message is so universal, and so beautifully produced, that it’s well worth sharing: a song, based on Barack Obama’s speech after the New Hampshire primary, produced by the Black Eyes Peas’ … Continue reading

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Can you tell it’s a slow work day?

Best news about Ann Coulter so far today (hey, the day is young, she could still get run over by a truck, which would eclipse this story): direct lift from the Subversive Cross Stitch blog: Seems that some truly subversive … Continue reading

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Equal time, again: Christmas in Fallujah (x2)

My first concert was Billy Joel on (I think) The Bridge tour, so I’ve been a fan for a long time. I went to that concert with my mom, who’s also a big fan. She was kind enough to point … Continue reading

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