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Remember ICQ?

Do you remember ICQ, the first Internet-wide instant messaging service? Do you remember that it was invented by four young Israelis? You do? Well, I just met the guy who gave them the money to start the company – his … Continue reading

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No equivalence

The loss of innocent lives is truly tragic, while not always avoidable during war. But the fact that Israeli media is discussing, and the IDF is investigating, the tragic deaths of the members of the al Dalou family, brings into … Continue reading

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I love it when a plan comes together

I just successfully upgraded my WordPress installation, which powers this blog, to the latest version (3.0, called Thelonius – see the complete list of major WP releases, all named for jazz musicians). I did this with nary a bump, very … Continue reading

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Palin for President. No, really.

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Our civilization is doomed, reason #128,212

I know I need to fix some stuff with my blog (apparently the comments link is broken, and I need to spiff up my theme and do a bunch of other things, like, you know, post and stuff), but sometimes … Continue reading

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Earth Israeli Girls are Easy?

I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed “courtesy” of Reuters Oddly Enough, emphasis added: Wolf whistle works, woman strips WELLINGTON (Reuters) – Road workers in a small New Zealand town got their wish granted when a woman stripped … Continue reading

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The Onion takes on the latest US-Israel espionage story

I’ve only caught snippets of the story, since I don’t always hear the entire news broadcasts at the top of the hour from Israel while listening to Reshet Gimmel, but I got the gist of it from this brief review, … Continue reading

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No words

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Interesting stuff I’ve read in the last couple of days

1. A terrific profile of Melinda Gates from My favorite snarky moment: She made valedictorian and got into Notre Dame. But Notre Dame did not get her. When she and her dad visited, she recalls, officials at the university … Continue reading

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Can you tell it’s a slow work day?

Best news about Ann Coulter so far today (hey, the day is young, she could still get run over by a truck, which would eclipse this story): direct lift from the Subversive Cross Stitch blog: Seems that some truly subversive … Continue reading

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