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If Rube Goldberg were working today…

He’d be proud of the Dutch company HEMA: Thanks to MH

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Fun on Monday

end of the day, just saw this link on (in a completely unrelated thread): Raiders of the Lost Ark as an animated GIF in 2:20 min.:

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Friday hilarity

First, thanks to my silly brother-in-law Dave for this collection of important advice about taking care of babies. Some highlights: Next, thanks to my always-reliable father for sacrificing the copious amounts of free time on his hands precious moments in … Continue reading

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Inspired tribute to two great bands at once

The Beatnix are an Australian Beatles tribute band, and back in the 90s they created this brilliant piece of work:

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Geeky Comedic Genius

I first became aware of British standup comedian Eddie Izzard some years ago when a friend of mine online kept using the phrase “jeezy creezy” in place of Jesus Christ. Since then, I’ve enjoyed his material on TV and in … Continue reading

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Interesting stuff I’ve read in the last couple of days

1. A terrific profile of Melinda Gates from My favorite snarky moment: She made valedictorian and got into Notre Dame. But Notre Dame did not get her. When she and her dad visited, she recalls, officials at the university … Continue reading

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