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It’s the Irony, Stupid: Hospitality and Spirituality in the Middle East, Then and Now

When I started writing this (Sunday, July 15 or thereabouts) I didn’t know where it was going, so I didn’t post it. It took about a week for the realization to sink in that the thing that brought these two … Continue reading

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Things that make me sad…

Sad in a cosmic, global way, not a “boo-hoo” way: Evangelical/fundamentalist Christians who co-opt Hebrew, specifically Hebrew sacred texts and liturgy, without understanding or respecting their meanings. I was prompted to post this by an example I ran into today, … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

I ought to be blogging more. edited to add: and I ought to fix/edit my sidebar contents. I had a productive day at work today, with a “third time’s a charm” situation regarding videotaping a presentation given by our esteemed … Continue reading

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I swear, this is the last one.

This is the kind of laser eye surgery I want: Cyanide & Happiness @

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Comics that aren’t for kids

I have a whole list of webcomics I read daily (I’ll post the whole list another time), or at least as often as I get into my Google Reader account, but I just discovered this one today via RGS, and … Continue reading

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Reasons #1 and #1 that I’m a happy man

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Why I’m never buying bottled water again, and why you shouldn’t either

Since I’ve been following No Impact Man for a while, I was primed for this, but there were still some severely sobering facts in this that managed to stun me. Take some time to read and react to The Truth … Continue reading

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