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Two days in a row? Well, yeah.

Scott Adams is at it again, making a lucid, cogent point about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Are all cartoonists this bright? If so, why aren’t THEY running the country?

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Dilbert expounds on the Middle East.

Well, OK, it’s Scott Adams, the guy who writes Dilbert, but it’s kinda sad that his commentary is far more sound (and a whole lot more succinct) than most of what the mainstream media (or even the fringe) provide.

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Best. Spelling Bee moment. Ever.

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In case you missed it…

Here’s that local news piece about my meeting with Phyllis in May. And yes, I’m really still working on writing the story.

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Hear my voice!

As previously noted/promised/predicted, Adam Curry played an audio comment I called in on episode 612 of the Daily Source Code (click on “Play” or “Archives” and choose episode 612) on Friday, June 1 (start listening at minute 8 if you … Continue reading

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Those wacky Israelis!

Makes me proud. What’s lacking in pacing and production values they make up for in creativity. – Supermarket 2.0

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Did I mention I was on TV, too?

The local TV news piece about me and Phyllis (my bone marrow recipient) will be uploaded as soon as I figure out how to move it from VHS to the PC and then to YouTube. In the meantime, my PodHero, … Continue reading

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