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I’m an Israeli man. Why don’t they write stuff like this about me?

Oh, right, because I didn’t WRESTLE A LEOPARD TO THE GROUND IN MY BEDROOM! JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An Israeli man wrestled a leopard to the ground after it entered his bedroom in a desert college and tried to make a … Continue reading

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Lights, love, and life

This was the culmination of an amazing few days spent in the company of the woman who received my bone marrow donation almost two years ago (story to follow). The San Diego skyline from Coronado

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Coolest Con ever.

When President Bush ordered troops to Iraq, he probably never imagined that he would be ultimately be responsible for what very well could be the very first D&D convention/game day ever held in a war zone. (via User Friendly)

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Having an impact.

I’ve been following No-Impact Man for a couple of months, and it’s made me think a lot about my own impact on the planet. I do more than many people, but not as much as I could; I’m working on … Continue reading

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Dig this archaeological news from Israel

Herod’s tomb and grave found at Herodium The Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced Monday night that it has uncovered the grave and tomb of King Herod, who ruled Judea for the Roman empire from circa 37 BCE. … The tomb … Continue reading

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Things I hear while wearing a kippah, #1

I’m thinking this is a good idea for a new website, but in the meantime, here’s my first entry: Last night, in the parking lot at Costco while putting my purchases in the car, a man who was in line … Continue reading

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