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2007 is actually 1984.

Newspeak, courtesy of Reuters. (Thank you, Andrew Sullivan.)

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Freedom of speech in real life.

I had never heard of Mike Daisey before today, but I am a big fan now. Make sure you read the followup, too.

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A little diversion on a day sorely lacking in good news.

How about a New York couple taking cab to Arizona retirement to distract you from the Virginia Tech massacre. I hang my head in condolence for the families of the dead and pray for a speedy and complete recovery for … Continue reading

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An utter, beautiful waste of time.

Once again, BoingBoing provides good entertainment, not to mention edification.

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Aba, my head Hertz!

It’ll be a while before my daughter can talk, so I was excited when I saw this on BoingBoing. Then I read the page and calmed down. First, I’d need to have WAY more electrical engineer tendencies to put this … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi comes from good stock.

The JPost tells us about Pelosi’s father and the Holocaust. I look forward to seeing good things from her and her colleagues in terms of foreign policy this term.

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Random Jewish media moment of the day.

DVDDossier, which I never would have found were it not for Dave Zatz (and I have no idea how I found him), opens my eyes to this gem.

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People who love burritos.

I and a few friends are Chipotle fans. Perhaps “fans” is not a strong enough word for our passion, actually, for here is what Jill wrote in response to Elissa’s note informing us of this most worthwhile fundraiser: Uniting reading … Continue reading

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Jewish Education, the Simpsons Way

Thanks to Counting the Homer, I found out that this year’s Simpsons Treehouse of Horror (the Halloween special show) included this segment:

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