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Microsoft-bashing, old school.

Murray contributes: I picked up a Magic 8-Ball the other day and it said “Outlook not so good.” I said, “Sure, but Microsoft still ships it.”

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Beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes all the way down to the soul.

I’d like to consider Aaryn a good friend. She’s at least a permanent tenant in my blogroll, which is something, right? Anyway, she’s a brave, beautiful woman who consistently and repeatedly exposes herself to scrotu scrutiny in her blog and … Continue reading

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This magic is no trick

SDSU’s paper of record, The Daily Aztec, reports today about the local chapter of Camp Kesem, founded, I’m proud to say, by Hillel students at Stanford in 2000. Worthy, dontcha think?

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Innovation from Israel

The Israeli Flying Car is just a prototype now, but everything started out that way, didn’t it?

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Jews really are everywhere.

In Cuba, Finding a Tiny Corner of Jewish Life (thanks, Aba).

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