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Synchronicity (not the Police song).

I delivered this D’var Torah this morning at Ohr Shalom: *** I really love it when circumstances come together to create a harmonious, pleasant situation. Some refer to this as synchronicity; in my worldview, this is evidence of the existence … Continue reading

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I know a few lawyers, and they’re not at all this ignorant.

This morning’s Daily Highlights linked to an AP story about an ugly legal battle in Chicago involving the circumcision of a young boy. In the middle of the piece, I found this gem: David Llewellyn, an Atlanta attorney who … Continue reading

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Jews in Shanghai. Wait, WHERE?!

No, really. NPR did a great story about the Jewish community in Shanghai this morning.

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Run with it

I recorded my first attempt at a podcast over the weekend, and wisely shared it only with my family, so I could get feedback and comments before making a complete fool of myself in front of countless other people. Well, … Continue reading

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Fantastic find in Ramla

Spotted on Yahoo! News: Prehistoric ecosystem found in Israeli cave via Daily Highlights (, incidentally, was founded by Israelis).

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